You want time to produce quality content,
funds for direct expenses,

and to measure effectiveness.

I help reduce time and money drains from your
life so that you can focus on your He
ARTs Work.

... Because your mission is simply too
important to go unfulfilled.  

HeARTs Work Consulting supports mission-driven

organizations and creatives by fusing marketing with

fundraising and business development to achieve growth.

Why Work with

HeARTs Work Consulting?

Transformative journeys need powerful guides. In today’s climate, reaching your audience in meaningful ways takes creativity, resourcefulness, and a clear message. When resources and time are scarce, quality content can suffer. Using my Creative Wellness approach, I help define and develop clear and consistent messaging so that your donors and clients understand firsthand how they can support you in the most effective manner, and are called to take action and be a part of your work.

I believe that marketing and fundraising are not independent of one another. Understanding donors, clients, and key stakeholders is the foundation of any successful campaign. Let me help you creatively tune into what motivates your constituents and build relationships that will lead to growth.


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The HeARTs Work  Approach

As change makers focused on mission-driven outcomes, we know tough times. COVID-19 has brought the statement "climbing uphill" to a new level. Resources are scarce. Forget sustainability. It's about survival now. 


Your donors and clients want transparency. They want to know where their support dollars are going and that their contributions are making a difference.


We'll devise a plan that is as creative and dynamic as your mission. 


Do your heart's work and unleash your creativity...

I'm passionate about practicing Creative Wellness − the act of engaging in creativity. To me, creative wellness is a way of life, and I enjoy helping my clients find theirs. Because we are ALL creative. 


Aligning your heart with your work leads to creative flow, which ignites outside the box thinking and ultimately brings ideas, services and products to market faster. Through the HeARTs Work approach, together we will ensure clear communication and follow through with your partners.

I bring this creative approach to every project I tackle! 





  • Market Research

  • Persona/Donor Profile Development

  • Customized Strategy Development

  • Dynamic Content Strategy 

  • Marketing/Business Collateral Design Services  

  • Lead Generation

  • Business Development 

  • Fundraising 

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Nonprofit Consulting


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